Cinédanse, one would think the word says it all. However this intricate artform is not well known. But movie and dance lovers are invited at NDG’s Maison de la Culture on April 19, where beauty of movement will take center stage.

It’s not simply a matter of filming a dance. Here, all is designed with the eye of the camera in mind, these choreographies are created especially for the silverscreen. And editing also becomes part of the creative process. One may think this artform was born with the digital, and yet, from the very beginning, cinema and dance have skillfully intertwined.

«That’s not something new! Ever since the early days of cinema, movie makers have been interested in filming movement, explains Priscilla Guy, in charge of the talk organized by Mandoline Hybride. Think of silent movies for instance. Cinema is a hybrid in constant mutation. On Cinédanse night, we want the public to discover and share.»

The contemporary dance graduate took a left turn towards visual arts where she started playing with a camera. She felt compelled to explore the choreographic potential of this tool where dance differs from on stage. She loves editing and her film SINGERIES shows it well. Choreography is redefined here by the movement of the camera as well as by editing.

On April 19, five short films with different esthetics and singular narratives will be shown giving spectators an opportunity to immerse themselves in Cinédanse. The guest star of that evening in none other than Louise Lecavalier – world renown dancer and choreographer presently on tour in Europe. Ms Lecavalier will be there to open a demystifying door for the public. In OFF GROUND, she displays the breadth of her talent as she investigates duality in life and death, body and soul, reality and imagination. Valérie Lessard, cinédanse creator, will host the conversation.

Norman McLaren’s 1968 classic PAS DE DEUX illustrating the craftsmanship applied to film before the digital era, GRAVITY OF CENTER and LAY ME LOW are also part of the evening’s program.

Around the globe hundreds of festivals are devoted to cinedance. Québec is recognized for its diversified production. However, it could benefit from help to reach a broader audience. «Little has been done to develop this discipline, from a creative standpoint as well as for the public. There’s definitely a lack of resources. That’s why people still see it as an emerging art. We must dare looking into it. Our most recent platform, – was created to gather together all existing resources,» concludes the choreographer.

Cinédanse is the perfect time to get acquainted with this art that goes beyond all frontiers and touches hearts through the power of body language.

Soirée Cinédanse, viewing and talk, presented by Québec Danse, April 19, at 7:30 at Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.