lirejgm2While you’re reading this, you might picture me writing it on a beautiful porch by the sea in Métis-sur-Mer. Automn has made a mistake. It has layed out a few Summer days for us, warm sunny days ready to be taken then forgotten. There’s something of as Agatha Christie novel’s atmosphere in the air. Late afternoon, a posh residence, some kind of romantic manor as we find them in her books. All that’s missing is an assassin maybe, or a victim and a few suspects. Inspiration seem to escape me. Perhaps I’m feeling much to good to write.

I walk like a lunatic parish priest, up and down this lovely veranda facing the sea that moves relentlessly, ignoring me and my creative quest. I have all the reasons in the world to let my hair down as they say and open the door to my wildest literary fantasy, inviting the place’s ghosts to pay me a visit. Even just for one night. A few words from them would be enough to trigger my imagination… and yours. A blood-stained knife, a broken chandelier fallen by the fireplace mantel, a half-empty glass of scotch, some Cologne floating in the air of the dimly lit vestibule, a woman’s glove, a window left open, a shutter banging against the wall. Skillfully set pieces that would keep you reading despite the awkwardness of these lines, piquing your curiosity, intriguing you, maybe even stirring some guilty pleasure.

Isn’t it exactly what reading is supposed to do: generate pleasure… and thought and surrender?

I love to believe that, beyond the words, there are fictional unexpected encounters, rendezvous missed in a heartbeat, secret dreams, fears and joys waiting to be shared. All around us in books, there are strange characters, starving for intrigue, masters of illusion, accompanied by generous beings, lovers of the written word whom we also call readers.

Reading is a healthy exercise, and it’s free! It provides its adepts with infinite ways of being entertained. It nourrishes the soul while stimulating the imagination a chapter at a time.

Be they on paper or cyber-waves, books are faithful companions creating a unique refuge, oases of endearing moments, soothing our sleepless nights and quite often our hearts.

Enjoy them every chance you get.